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Solana Ranch Discovery Lab Highlights - Sixth Grade

Updated: Mar 28

March 2024:


Sixth Graders are engineering ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) that are able to pick up plastics in the ocean in order to minimize human impact. This project requires skills in pipe cutting, drilling as well as soldering.



Lunar new year inspired dragon faces



Sixth grade is completing a Garageband composition in collaboration with the Media Center. They are researching a Greek God and creating music to match that God. Some of them, such as the god of war, are pretty easy to make music that matches. The god of cheesemaking, on the other hand, is a little bit more of a challenge.


Media Center*

To celebrate annual book awards month, the sixth graders also participated in the California Young Readers Medal competition. They were inspired by the stories of quiet heroes who stood up to injustice in brave and peaceful ways. After reviewing the many awards presented to authors and illustrators, we worked in conjunction with classroom teachers to support their learning of the Early Greek Civilizations. Students used multiple resources to collect facts and information to create their own documentaries.

In the upcoming trimester, the students will continue to work toward finishing their documentaries and will be working with Mr. Psolka-Green to create a soundtrack to go along with their images and spoken narrative!


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