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Refund Policy

The Solana Beach School Foundation’s (SBSF) policy is to not refund donations. 

When an individual donates money to a 501 (c) 3 organization such as the SBSF, the gift, once  accepted, becomes the property of the charity. Nonprofit organizations exist to benefit the public  interest, and the return of a gift could be viewed by regulators as contrary to the public interest*.


Limited Circumstances for Refunds to be Issued: 

1. If the donor has made a designated donation at or above $5,000, in compliance with the SBSF  designated donation guidelines, and the SBSF is not able to abide by any stated restrictions upon  that gift, the donor may request a refund. This exception only applies to gifts of $5,000 or  more. Requests for refunds must be made within ninety (90) days of the date of the donation for  which the refund is requested. 

2. For donations made using the website, if the donor or the SBSF donation  processing system has made an error, the donor must alert the SBSF within 5 business days of  discovery of the error. The donor must submit his, her, or their refund request in writing via email  to If a qualified error has occurred, refunds will be issued using  the original credit card used, however, in the case of an electronic check, the donor will receive a  paper check in return. 

3. Additional exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the SBSF  Board of Directors. 

Requirements and process to complete a donation refund: 

  • The donor must submit a signed written request, to include: donation amount, date, and  method of payment within the applicable timeframe identified above. 


  • If approved pursuant to this policy, a refund check will be issued along with a letter stating  the reason for the refund, including language notifying the donor that the original gift  cannot be claimed as a charitable donation to the organization.  



The SBSF does not provide refunds for ticket(s) purchased for an event unless the event  is canceled. If for any reason, an individual cannot attend an event after purchasing a ticket(s),  the SBSF will redirect the ticket cost as a charitable donation to the SBSF.  



Approved 5/17/22 

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