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About Us

The Solana Beach Schools Foundation is a volunteer parent-led, non-profit organization that raises money to help bridge the gap between the state-funded curriculum and the educational needs we have for all students. The SBSF helps fund supplies, technology, and salaries for our award-winning Discovery Lab classes which provide a well-rounded, best-in-class education for our children. 

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Our Executive Team

Strong support makes for a strong school

Our Site Presidents

Solana Ranch

Site Presidents

Samantha Arnold

Iris Whelan

PTO Presidents

Vicki Ho

Zeina Rashid

Solana Pacific

Site Presidents

Faryl Kander

Rob Jacobs

PTO Presidents

Caryn Neugroschl

Carolyn Ogburn

Carmel Creek

Site Presidents

Rachael Vonder Reith


PTO President

Liz Kubiak

Solana Highlands

Site Presidents

Andrea Jordan

Akash Sharma

Cindy Thomas


Site Presidents

Haley Johnson

Melissa Mielcarz


Solana Vista

Site Presidents

Marie Turingan-Boily

Kristen Brandley

Kimeya Johansen

Our Members at Large

Lauren Adams

Shawna Bailley-Schermerhorn

Shannon Carlson

Tanya Koshy

Mark Kowieski

Rachel Linford

Alia Ludwig

Premi Suresh

Frank Whelan

Our Staff

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Solana Beach Schools Foundation (SBSF) is to raise funds to bridge the gap between vital school needs and state funding to enrich the public education of all students in the Solana Beach School District.

Our Vision

To ensure optimal educational opportunities for every student in the Solana Beach School District.

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Our Commitment

With donations from families and community stakeholders, the Solana Beach Schools Foundation (SBSF) helps fund weekly Discovery Lab classes for all students in the following areas:

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Research

  • Engineering

  • Art

  • Mathematics 

  • Physical Education

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