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Solana Ranch Discovery Lab Highlights - Second Grade

Updated: Mar 28

March 2024:


Second grade students learned about the processes that change our landscape - with a focus on erosion. They learned that erosion can impact humans, but there are solutions to slow it down. Students are 3D printing homes, placing them on a "cliff" and engineering a device to protect the homes from erosion.



Second grade is reading a book about the composer Erik Satie. They learned many facts about this interesting composer. They also sang a song to the melody of Erik Satie's Gymnopedie #1. Erik Satie was a composer who had to work a long time to be recognized because his music was so strange. Eventually, he became famous for his unusual way of doing things. I hope that students realize that they should believe in themselves, even if they have a different way of viewing the world.


Media Center*

In the Second Grade, we have been busy reading the California Young Reader's Medal Nominees! Students loved reading the fun stories and getting to vote for their favorite book to win the award. During this time, we also learned about the many awards given by the American Library Association. Students also continued to develop their digital citizenship skills and learned about the importance of giving credit. They also continued to work on the development of strong skills to be able to locate books in the library. We are looking forward to our research unit starting in


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