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Solana Ranch Discovery Lab Highlights - First Grade

Updated: Mar 28

March 2024:


After learning about the parts of plants and animals, First Graders learned that humans often copy the form and function of living things to engineer inventions - this process is called Biomimicry. Students created a Biomimicry protective poncho inspired by protective parts of animals.



Penguins on Paint Stick background



First grade is preparing for their spring performance which is all about nature and the environment. They are learning the song "The Life That's in You" by the Okee Dokee Brothers. This song teaches us about how animals and plants in nature rely on each other. We are brainstorming and learning as a class what nature can teach us about how to treat each other in everyday life. We are adding our own lyrics to the song "Old Mr. Rabbit". This also helping us practice adjectives.


Media Center*

First Graders are blooming researchers! Aside from Mrs. Thompson's engaging read alouds students have been learning to use key words to find information and collect facts from Pebble Go! They have also begun reading this year's California Young Reader's Medal Nominees! We can't wait to see which one they will select as the winner. While reading these books, the students have been focused on identifying the elements of the story!


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