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Solana Pacific Discovery Lab Highlights - Sixth Grade

Updated: Mar 14

February 2024:


Thermal Energy Cooler Project



5 Senses (LittleBits): Students make paper posters and attach electrical circuits to them to demonstrate how hearing, touch, and eyesight work.



Beautiful Biofuels Project: introducing the study of biofuels by designing leaves and other organic matter using oil pastels and tempera paint.

Greek Theater Mask Project: using plaster bandage to create expressive greek masks and then painting them with metallic tempera paint.


Physical Education

We are highlighting running as we gear up for the Sandpiper Sprint. Grades 4-6!! We have covered kickball, basketball, dodgeball, GaGa, hockey & of course running up until now!!


Media Center*

Our sixth grade students continue our study of Ancient Rome. Currently, we are learning about the development of monotheistic religions in the region.



Fifth graders are working on material for their upcoming grade level musical performance, "America Sings". Singing, playing instruments, dancing and speaking parts will come together in a wonderful performance when all fifth graders take the stage together in March.


Discovery Labs are made possible by YOU! To make your donation to the Solana Beach Schools Foundation, visit our home page and click the Donate button.

*Not supported by your donations to the Solana Beach Schools Foundation.

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