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Solana Highlands Discovery Lab Highlights - Kindergarten

February 2024:

STREAM & Technology

Kindergartners celebrated finishing their weather unit by using their wind socks outside! We are starting to investigate living and nonliving things.



Dale Chihuly-inspired artwork


Physical Education

At the beginning of the New Year, we always focus on fitness. Some students may notice adults setting resolutions to begin exercising. It's also great timing to build students' endurance for Dolphin Dash that took place on Thursday, February 15th

My goal during this time was to introduce exercising to students as a fun way to do something good for themselves and enjoy being healthy. All grades did fitness relays and some version of an exercise circuit which really gets their heart rates up and their muscles working. It is gratifying to see the students work so hard and enjoy what is one of the students' favorite P.E. activities of the year! 

After our fitness activities, we transitioned into jump rope, which continued to build students' cardiovascular endurance while focusing on jumping, turning, and timing skills. By the time Dolphin Dash arrived, students were excited about exercising and ready to embrace the challenge of running all those laps. At this year's Dolphin Dash, top running classes in each grade earned the opportunity to choose their activities in P.E. with me!

Once Dolphin Dash was completed, we slowed it down a bit and learned about different ways to keep our bodies moving. We also make a point to enjoy using as much of the other specialty equipment we have on hand, like various paddles, platform stilts, team walking skis, and scooter boards. We are so fortunate at Solana Highlands to have the most amazing equipment provided to us by the Solana Beach Schools Foundation. (Thank you, SBSF!) 

There's so much fun and learning to be had in P.E. Discovery Lab at Solana Highlands, and I'm grateful to be a part of it! - Coach Kono


Media Center*

Kindergarten students are practicing book check out and partner reading while navigating different book genres of the library. They love to laugh with silly read alouds, draw their book responses and have brain breaks...we sang Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss for Read Across America Week!



Winter Season, Snowmen with funny hats, melody, high and low


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