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Skyline Discovery Lab Highlights - Sixth Grade

February 2024:


The 3-6 Global Education students have learned about animal internal and external parts to prepare them to virtually design an animal that could survive in an Arctic climate. We will now be using our new LEGO Spoke Prime robots to construct an animal that can move and modify its external parts to ensure it can run fast from predators.

Our 6th graders are hard at work designing a new product that they could sell that would not only help people, but benefit the environment. Think of it as a sustainable Shark Tank episode! We've been practicing being problem solvers and finders through this process. Our future is in good hands with these entrepreneurs.



Swift playgrounds is a fun way to introduce different coding concepts like Algorithms, Conditions, loops, etc. to young programers. Students were challenged to write more complex algorithms using advance coding concepts like functions, nested loops, etc.



Wayne Thiebaud and Claus Oldenburg–inspired paper maché dessert sculptures using recycled materials. All of these projects will be displayed at our “Earthy Otters” STREAM night, which is why we are focusing on the use of recycled materials.


Physical Education

K-6th grade: February was American Heart Month. To celebrate, students learned and practiced their jump roping skills! Jump roping is an excellent cardio exercise to keep our hearts healthy. Students learned how to do several jump roping tricks, partner jump roping tricks and team jump roping. We also challenged ourselves to jump rope for 1-2- or 3 minutes straight without stoping or making mistakes, or at least 20 times in a row for kinders!


Media Center*

The students learned about the criteria for a Caldecott Medal (best illustrated picture book) and they tried to predict which book would win considering books published in 2023.



Recently we have, among other things, learned the basics of playing the ukulele and how to play a few ukulele chords. We are enjoying singing and strumming along to all sorts of songs.


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