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Skyline Discovery Lab Highlights - First Grade

February 2024:


The K-2 Global Education students researched different ways people protect their homes from strong wind. They used the Engineering Design Process to build around a home to protect it from strong winds. Since testing is a crucial step in the EDP to see if your design works, we used a hair dryer to test out our designs and it sure was fun!



Ozobots (GE 1-2): Ozobots use sensors to follow lines and read Color Codes you make with markers. We drew fun tracks using different color codes with a specific goal. We made a fun hamster wheel for ozobots using color codes.



Wayne Thiebaud-inspired Woven Pies, using recycled materials. All of these projects will be displayed at our “Earthy Otters” STREAM night, which is why we are focusing on the use of recycled materials.


Physical Education

K-6th grade: February was American Heart Month. To celebrate, students learned and practiced their jump roping skills! Jump roping is an excellent cardio exercise to keep our hearts healthy. Students learned how to do several jump roping tricks, partner jump roping tricks and team jump roping. We also challenged ourselves to jump rope for 1-2- or 3 minutes straight without stoping or making mistakes, or at least 20 times in a row for kinders!


Media Center*

We are reading the five books nominated for California Young Reader Medal and everyone will get to vote for their favorite book.



Is our main goal to play the most difficult music on the most challenging instrument at the speediest tempo? Sounds great for an individual challenge, but for music class at school, one of our main goals is to play our music TOGETHER. Students use various handheld percussion instruments, classroom barred instruments (xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels), and drums (usually tubano drums) to practice playing all sorts of music together. Recently we had fun playing metallophones, drums, and hand cymbals together in a piece for Lunar New Year!


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*Not supported by your donations to the Solana Beach Schools Foundation.

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