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Solana Beach Schools Foundation nets $532,000 to support learning discoveries

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

JUNE 28, 2022 4:11 AM PT

The Solana Beach Schools Foundation is celebrating a year of positive change, raising approximately $532,000 to benefit Solana Beach School District schools.

Local businesses can learn more about partnering with the Foundation at

At the height of the pandemic, members of the parent volunteer-led nonprofit faced numerous challenges including losing crucial in-person fundraising events, and adapting communications to track with the district’s remote and in-person classrooms. This year, students, families and volunteers returned to in-person activities to support Discovery Labs, the enrichment classes offered weekly to all students in subjects like art, science and technology.

This year the foundation also benefited from increased engagement with the local business community, especially for Discovery Fest, the annual district-wide celebration that returned in May.

Throughout the year, school volunteers worked creatively to offer events encouraging fundraising and community-building. These included Trunk or Treat and Cougar Fest at Carmel Creek, Halloween Carnival Hits the Road and Holiday Lights Tour at Skyline and Solana Vista, and Sandpiper Quest at Solana Pacific. In the spring, schools held fun runs both on- and off-site. The Carmel Creek Fun Run, Solana Highlands Dolphin Dash, Solana Pacific Sandpiper Sprint and Solana Ranch on the Run alone contributed approximately $66,500 benefiting Discovery Labs.

The foundation also partnered with local businesses that see the importance of championing quality education. This year, the SBSF partnered with American Assets Trust,, Ting, realtor Shirin Rezania Ramos and Beth Matthews Collective. Local businesses can learn more about partnering with the Foundation at

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