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Discovery Lab Highlights at Skyline

Updated: Sep 19, 2023


Picture #1 (K–2 Grades): The Global Education K-2 students are learning teamwork skills through hands-on STREAM activities. We're doing a great job of listening to the ideas of our team members, sharing materials, and thinking outside of the box while we create!

Picture #2 (3–6 Grades): The Global Education 3-6 students have been learning about how we can reduce human impact on the environment. The students began by reflecting on the ways they are currently having a positive and negative impact each day. Now, they are finding ways to raise awareness to others to spread their knowledge on this topic.

Picture #3 (4th Grade): The 4th graders at Skyline are learning about natural disasters. They have been researching by watching videos and using simulations to better understand earthquakes. Right now, we are using the Engineering Design Process to design a device that will help track the strength of an earthquake.

Picture #4 (5th Grade): The 5th grade students at Skyline have been diving into the fun topic of matter. We have been learning about the properties of matter and why knowing how to identify this...matters!!! We will begin a PBL on this subject soon and begin the Engineering Design Process.

Picture #5 (6th Grade): The 6th graders have been deep diving into how to use technology and robotics to bring ideas and concepts to life. They are also about to begin learning about the subsystems in the human body. This is always one of my favorite projects because the students really push themselves to retest and improve on their designs as they engineer and create their projects.


Picture #1–3 (Kinder): Our little ones get very excited & love to explore with Bee-Bots. This colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, problem-solving, and just having fun!

Picture #4 (1–2 Grades): Kodable is a fun set of games that teach the basics of coding. Kids love to learn basic programming concepts using sequence & algorithm mazes on Kodable.

Picture #5–6 (6 Grade): Robotics - Sphero Maze

Grades 3–4 are learning Tynker Coding. We researched about Renewable Energy on the internet and created a Tynker Coding project.

Grade 5 is learning about Swift Playground. Swift Playgrounds is a powerful tool to introduce programming to kids in a fun way. It introduces logic, functions, methods, loops, and many other software concepts that are used in real time software development.


Picture #1: Kindergarteners create rainbow birds and "Ish" vases

Picture #2: Grades 1–2 create line monsters

Picture #3: Grades 3–4 create Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls and skeletons

Picture #4: Grade 4 creates Gustav Klimt fall trees

Picture #5: Grade 5 creates winter texture animal portraits

Picture #6: Grade 6 creates Kimmy Cantrell abstract masks

Physical Education

Picture #1 (K–2nd Grades): At the end of the year, students will take a "locomotor license test." Learning locomotor skills are very important for this age group. It is what gets us to move from one place to another. Students will pretend they are driving and will move around performing their locomotor skills when directed. At the end, students will receive their locomotor license. The cartoon picture will be replaced with a real picture just like a real license.

Picture #2 (3rd–6th Grades): Students will be working on cooperatives at the beginning of the year. This helps students learn how to work together as a team, communicate and problem solve. Hula huts are a favorite among many of our students. Students will have different levels to get through when building, moving and interacting with the hula huts. They will have to come up with strategies and recognize each others strengths as they move through each level.

Picture #3 (3rd–6th Grades): Jump roping is an important skill to learn. It can improve coordination and it's a great cardio workout. Students will be creating a jump rope routine either solo or with a group. This is a great way for students to get creative with the different jump roping tricks they can do.

Media Center*

I love hosting the book fair and I enjoy helping the students have a sense of agency in the library. They learn to find books they enjoy using the library software and browsing the different genres in the library. –Mrs. Gautheir, Media Center Instructor


Every day I look forward to creating beautiful music and facilitating memorable music experiences with all the wonderful students at Skyline! –Mrs. Tsai, Music Instructor

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*Not supported by your donations to the Solana Beach Schools Foundation.

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