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Discovery Lab Highlights at Carmel Creek

Updated: Sep 21, 2023


Picture #1 (Kinder): Building patterns with snap cubes

Picture #2 (First Grade): Learning to code

Picture #3 (Second Grade): Engineer Design Process art project

Picture #4 (Third Grade): Building an easle to hold up a painting (inspired from the book, The Dot)


Picture #1-2: Kindergarteners have been working on color value, watercoloring techniques and cutting skills.

Picture #3: First graders used primary colors and mixed paint to create secondary and tertiary colors on a flower color wheel.

Picture #4: Second graders have been using leaves as stamps to make a colorful fall print.

Picture #5: Third graders explored stamping, printing and marble rolling to add color to circles, inspired by the story, “The Dot”, by Peter H Reynolds.


Every day I look forward to creating beautiful music and facilitating memorable music experiences with all the wonderful students at Skyline! –Mrs. Tsai, Music Instructor

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