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Carmel Creek Discovery Lab Highlights - Kindergarten

Updated: Feb 29

February 2024:


Kindergarteners learned about weather patterns by making wind socks, building structures to hold up against extreme weather, and creating shelters for Beebots followed by coding Beebots to travel to their shelter.



Kindergarteners created brown shade bears, negative space snowpeople, and Alma Thomas inspired heart art.


Physical Education

Save-the-date for Carmel Creek's fun run, Cougar Chase, on March 27th! More details to come in the Sunday Short. Earlier this trimester, we completed our first race in November with our Turkey Trot prior to the Thanksgiving holiday break!


Media Center*

We had our first annual Carmel Creek Readathon this trimester, which was a huge success! Our students read over 79,000 minutes in just 5 days!!! Top readers from each grade level received amazing prizes, which were donations from local businesses. During the Readathon week, we had former Superintendent Brentlinger come read aloud to each class, as well as a local author spoke to our students about the writing process and how publishing a book works. Lastly, we had a "Become an Author" contest, in which students authored and illustrated their own books. Six student books were chosen as the winners and their books were published and are now available to be checked out in our Carmel Creek Library!

Since winter break, all grade levels have been reading the 5 primary books nominated for the California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) during their library discovery lab! This book award is special because the students across California vote on which book wins the award. We have discussed what makes a book an "award-winning" book and our first, second, and third graders have written book reviews for each book. After February break, all Carmel Creek students will cast their votes by secret ballot in the library and Mrs. Lothspeich will enter all the votes into the CYRM website. The winning book will be announced in May!

Lastly, Carmel Creek News (CCN) has been incredible this semester! Each grade level has a special part in each broadcast. Kindergarten gives us the date, and first grade reports on our hot and cold lunch options for the day. Our second graders write and report the "Name that Animal" segment, and our third graders anchor each show with special reports on various topics of their choice, such as happenings around San Diego, book talks, and sports news. Our third graders also play a big role behind the cameras as crew members, in which they are controlling the live streaming computer, our teleprompter computer, and the two cameras. We have live broadcasts every Thursday and every other Friday that the whole school watches, including parents in the stage area!



In music, form is the order of the sections of a piece of music. We, among other things, have been exploring how letter names (Part A, Part B, Part C) as well as other section labels (introduction, interlude, coda, verse, chorus) can be used to map out the form of a piece of music. As a result of mapping out the form of a piece of music, we can visually see how the music is organized and more-easily identify patterns in the music.

After mapping out the music's form, we recently have been using a variety of avenues (creative movement with scarves, playing various handheld percussion, our critical listening skills) to play/move along with various selections of classical music (including selections from Tchaikovsky's music for the Nutcracker ballet).


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