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Solana Pacific Discovery Lab Highlights - Fourth Grade

Updated: Mar 14

February 2024:


Fourth graders created earthquake structures and then tested them out on our shake table.



Students make a robotic arm to throw a ball to knock down a cup tower.



Random Line Project: creating an animal from a random line and featuring the habitat it lives in. Reflection City Project: designing a city street and recreating the city as a distorted reflection in the water.


Physical Education

We are highlighting running as we gear up for the Sandpiper Sprint. Grades 4-6!! We have covered kickball, basketball, dodgeball, GaGa, hockey & of course running up until now!!


Media Center*

Our fourth grade students are enjoying the books that have been nominated for a California Young Reader Medal Award in the category of Picture Books for Older Readers. The nominees are: Bartali's Bicycle by Megan Hoyt; Nicky & Vera by Peter Sis; and, The Elephants Come Home by Kim Tomsic. The winning book will be announced later this spring.



Fourth graders are working on material for their upcoming grade level musical performance, "Go West!". Singing, square dancing, instrumental accompaniments and narration will come together for an awesome fourth grade show in May.


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*Not supported by your donations to the Solana Beach Schools Foundation.

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