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Discovery Lab Highlights at Solana Pacific


Fourth Grade: Students are creating scale models of famous worldwide Volcanoes.

Fifth Grade: Students are learning about Matter and It's Interactions. We are learning about mixtures and solutions and will be starting our perfect pancake PBL in a few weeks.

Sixth Grade: Students have been learning about thermal energy and we will be starting our Thermos/Cooler project in two weeks.



Fourth Grade: Constellations

A creative and educational project tailored for our 4th-grade students. Students collaborate in pairs for this project. The project spans across three classes. This project not only integrates art, technology, and teamwork but also allows students to explore the fascinating world of constellations in a hands-on and engaging manner

• Students create a constellation using colored paper.

• They code Sphero, a programmable robot, to follow the lines of the constellation.

• Students record a video of Sphero's journey.

• Using iPads, they compile the video footage into a movie about the constellation.

• The final step involves presenting their constellation movie to the entire class and the teacher.

Fifth Grade: Freeway for Ozobots

This project is designed to take approximately 3 academic hours. It’s an engaging way to introduce coding concepts while encouraging creativity and presentation skills.

• Students brainstorm an idea for where their Ozobot can go.

• They create a paper freeway and draw a color code on it for the Ozobot to follow.

• Students then test their project.

• Finally, they present their project to the entire class and the teacher.

Sixth Grade: Interactive Music Sheet

Students create an interactive note sheet using Makey Makey, an invention kit.

• They attach conductive tape to the back of a paper.

• On the front side, they draw a note stand with musical notes.

• Fasten paper fasteners through the paper for each note they want to play.

• Attach alligator clips to each line of the note stand and connect them to the Makey Makey.

• To play the song, students hold the Earth connection and touch each note.

This project not only introduces students to technology but also encourages creativity and a deeper understanding of music.


Physical Education

We are looking forward to our Running Club this year! –Coach Pam Motacek, Physical Education Instructor



Fourth – Sixth Grades: Name Games, Barred instrument review, non-pitched percussion review, moving to music. Highlighting elements of music: Beat, Rhythm, Form.


Media Center*

Fourth Grade: In October, the 4th grade students will participate in the Global Read Aloud program. The year's picture book category focuses on books written by Jacqueline Woodson.

Fifth Grade: The Periodic Table of Elements! We start the school year researching the elements. Then, students make element trading cards.

Sixth Grade: I have the pleasure of doing the Ancient Rome and Ancient Hebrews units with our sixth grade students. We kick off these units by performing a Reader's Theater version of The Trojan Horse.


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