Solana Beach School Foundation 2017-2018 Expense Summary



Due to the private funding that our schools receive from generous individual donors and businesses, all children in the Solana Beach School District (SBSD) receive an enriched well-rounded education. In the 1970s, changes in California property tax laws cut deeply into public school funding, and the budget situation is not much better today. If not for private contributions to the Solana Beach Schools Foundation (SBSF), our children would not receive the level of education that they enjoy today which includes; STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and math), specialized art  and technology instruction, and supplemental PE instruction. The SBSF also helps to fund materials and supplies that provide our students with the most up-to-date learning tools.

Administrative Expense (incl. Marketing, Software, Insurance, Audit & Salaries)

Ranks 10/10 for Administrative Expense Percentage using Charity Navigator methodology

Fundraising Expense (incl. Event Costs + Credit Card Fees)

Ranks 10/10 for Fundraising Expense Percentage using Charity Navigator methodology


The Solana Beach School Foundation’s (SBSF) Annual Fund Drive kicks off each fall and funds teachers, instructors and programs for the current school year. The Annual Fund Drive generates the vast majority of revenues needed to fund educational programs. In the 2018-19 school year, 65% of SBSF revenue was donated by generous families in the Solana Beach School District community during the Annual Fund Drive. Special events (Halloween Carnival, Fun Runs, Spring Events) raised 28% of SBSF revenue. Our Business Partner program generates another 3% of revenue through the support of the local community and parent owned businesses. The remaining 4% of SBSF revenue came from Solana Ranch PTO fundraising activities, Solana Beach Schools Foundation Endowment Fund distribution, and minor passive income sources.


Thanks to our working Board of 31 volunteer parents and countless other volunteers, the SBSF is able to allocate 85% of annual expenses directly into programs for kids. SBSF donations help provide the funding for the Solana Beach School District’s Discovery Lab STREAM teachers (in partnership with the District), as well as art, physical education and technology instructors. The SBSF also helps fund Discovery Lab supplies for hands-on science experiments, robotics, coding, art and physical education. The SBSF sponsors Discovery Fest, a district-wide annual event celebrating Discovery Labs.

Using Charity Navigator methodology for the SBSF’s FY 2018-19, our administrative expense of 9% is in the Top-Tier 0% – 15% range and our fundraising expense of 6% is in the t=Top-Tier 0% – 10% range.

Financial Oversight

The SBSF pays for an annual independent financial audit. The financial audit is then reviewed by our independent Audit Committee and approved by the SBSF Board of Directors. We pride ourselves on our organizational integrity, financial accountability and transparency.